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Simple Task Manager

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Simple Task Manager
Set Things Done

Struggling to keep your things done?

Task Manager is what you need! Declutter your mind from planned and unfinished projects. Dump everything into this template, then focus your brain on what matters!

Tired listing your tasks and scheduling them on different place?

Dump, schedule, and get your things done in one page! Convenient workflow results in less Friction in managing your things. Less friction, less stress, happier life.

Afraid of having a new, complex system?

Afraid not! Simple Task Manager is living its name up, containing only 3 sections to dump and schedule your tasks. This Task Manager also contains a short guidance with GIFs for easy adaptation.


  • Task Inbox at the most top of the template. Convenient to dump your tasks even on Notion mobile app.
  • List of unshceduled task is positioned exactly beside the Task Calendar. Feel being in complete control of your tasks and schedules
  • Simple layout and workflow to keep you organized and stress-free
  • Short Guidance for the template contains GIFs for clear simulation.


Who is this template made for?
Everyone! Anyone who is looking for finance planner and tracker on one page, and is in need to hone their budgeting skills might found this template more useful.

Does this work with a free Notion account?
Yes! This template will work with all type of Notion account, free or premium.

Is there any setup needed for this template?
No complicated setup is needed. You might found some brief note on how to use this template and important points to watch out. Other than that, nothing else is needed.

Is there a guide for this template?
Yes! There is a guide provided within and/or alongside the template when you purchased this product. Additionally, if there are still queries, feel free to reach out to me via Twitter or Email. I will make sure to respond as soon as possible.

Can I share this template with others?
Unfortunately, no. This template is a personal-licensed product, only for individual use.

How do I reach you if I have any questions?
Reach me out via Twitter @rfqsen or Email at


This product follows a Pay-as-you-want model, so no payment is required. But if you love my work and want to support me in building and sharing similar products, your support will be very appreciated!

I hope you fully enjoy this template. Congratulation and good luck on your improved productivity!

Best Regards,

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Simple Task Manager

3 ratings
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