Simple Daily Journal

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Unlock Your Best Self Every Day with Simple Daily Journal

Effortless Journaling on Notion - Reflect, Track, and Highlight Your Life in Minutes

Are you tired of the overwhelm that comes with traditional journaling? Say goodbye to blank pages and hello to simplicity with the Simple Daily Journal Notion template.

Traditional journals can be daunting, leading to inconsistent habits and abandoned notebooks. The clutter often overshadows the joy of reflection.

Ever felt frustrated about missing out on documenting the small wins or identifying patterns in your mood? Life moves fast, and paper journals can't keep up.

Flipping through endless pages to find a specific day? Traditional journals lack the organization that a digital solution can provide.

How many 'Aha!' moments have slipped through the cracks because your journal couldn't help you connect the dots?

Simple Daily Journal is your solution! Experience the joy of journaling without the hassle. Our Notion template simplifies your daily ritual, ensuring you capture every nuance effortlessly.

🖋️ Reflection Made Easy: Guided prompts make reflection a breeze. No more staring at a blank page wondering where to start.

🌈 Mood Tracker at Your Fingertips: Track your mood daily and unveil patterns with a glance. Understanding your emotions has never been this seamless.

📅 Calendar and Gallery Views: Effortlessly navigate through your days with our calendar view. The gallery view lets you relive your highlights in a snapshot, making each month a visual journey.

Start Your Journaling Journey Now Transform your daily routine with Simple Daily Journal!


Who is this template made for?

Does this work with a free Notion account?
Yes! This template will work with all type of Notion account, free or premium.

Is there any setup needed for this template?
No complicated setup is needed. You might found some brief note on how to use this template and important points to watch out. Other than that, nothing else is needed.

Is there a guide for this template?
Yes! There is a guide provided within and/or alongside the template when you purchased this product. Additionally, if there are still queries, feel free to reach out to me via Twitter or Email. I will make sure to respond as soon as possible.

Can I share this template with others?
Unfortunately, no. This template is a personal-licensed product, only for individual use.

How do I reach you if I have any questions?
Reach me out via email at

I hope you fully enjoy this template. Congratulation and good luck on your improved productivity!

Best Regards,

Rifqi Sentosa

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Simple Daily Journal

2 ratings
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