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Notion Personal Finance Assistant is a personal finance system designed to plan & track expenses and report your financial performance as detailed as your expense pattern per 3-hours.


  • The most intuitive, detailed and flexible Notion finance planner and tracker combined.
  • Dedicated "Mobile Tracker" for quick tracking without going to corresponding month pages every time.
  • Analytics-based reports of your financial performance based on monthly, yearly, and all-time records.
  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly statistics for expense summaries.
  • Conveniently-placed currency converter table on all planning and tracking pages.
  • FAQ & guidance page and how-to-use notes all over the template.

Are you frustrated to constantly overspend your money?

You know you need to save money. You have to keep your expenses in check.

But, your current finance tracker cannot plan future expenses for you. You are forced to constantly reminding your "budgets" and do the exhausting mental math every time you spend on something. When you know you overspent your money, it is already too late.

Are you afraid all your tracked expenses will become useless?

You painstakingly track all spending activities into your current finance tracker. You hope someday you can look at your data and learn your spending pattern.

However, your current finance tracker most likely does not know what to do with all expenses you dilligently collected. All you see is only a bunch of numbers in an overfilled table. It means nothing to you.

Isn't it annoying that you cannot open your Notion finance tracker on your phone?

You saved your finance tracker in your Notion workspace. You are excited to see how it can help you getting better financially.

However, most of those finance trackers are not mobile-friendly. You need to open your laptop or even desktop computer to open the finance tracker. At the time you are opening your finance tracker on your computer, you already forgot about the expenses—defeats the purpose of having a finance tracker in the first place.

Notion Personal Finance Assistant will solve all those problems for you!

Imagine these situations:

You can forget your planned budgets. You will see it again soon anyway.

This formerly-called "Notion Finance Planner and Tracker" combined a planner and tracker with simple approach: Put two columns—a "Projected" column for planning budgets and a "Actual" column for tracking expenses—next to each other.

So everytime you are buying something, your budgets are staring at you. No way to overspend.

You read personal finance performance report, anytime you want.

Notion Personal Finance Assistant automatically generates Monthly, Annual, and All-Time reports containing analytics-based summary based on your painstakingly-tracked expenses you diligently collect.

Learning your own spending habits just becomes easier.

Open Notion finance tracker in your phone like it's supposed to be.

Dedicated "Mobile Tracker" page allows you to open Notion Personal Finance Assistant tracker feature with mobile-friendly interface for convenient access and use anywhere.

Capture the expense when it happens.

It’s time to learn your spending habits and patterns. Be better at your own personal finance.
Learn your spending habit with Notion Personal Finance Assistant — NOW!


Who is this template made for?

Does this work with a free Notion account?
Yes! This template will work with all type of Notion account, free or premium.

Is there any setup needed for this template?
No complicated setup is needed. You might found some brief note on how to use this template and important points to watch out. Other than that, nothing else is needed.

Is there a guide for this template?
Yes! There is a guide provided within and/or alongside the template when you purchased this product. Additionally, if there are still queries, feel free to reach out to me via Twitter or Email. I will make sure to respond as soon as possible.

Can I share this template with others?
Unfortunately, no. This template is a personal-licensed product, only for individual use.

How do I reach you if I have any questions?
Reach me out via Twitter and Instagram @rfqsen or email me at

I hope you fully enjoy this template. Congratulation and good luck on your improved productivity!

Best Regards,


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Notion Personal Finance Assistant

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