Simple Finance Planner & Tracker

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Simple Finance Planner & Tracker is a personal finance system designed to plan & track expenses every month and show progress stats throughout your tracking process.

  • An overview of Balance, Income, and Expenses with their own calculations for your split-second check without the need to squinting your eyes.
  • Balance table to show how much budget you have left as you make changes to your Income and Expenses. No sweat.
  • Summarized Income and Expense table for you to see all your past records of money earned and spent.
  • Dedicated sections of each Income and Expenses, containing organized series of tables for every categories.

Constantly anxious to overspend your budget?

If you constantly feel anxious and worry to overspend due to a separate budget planner and finance tracker, Simple Finance Planner & Tracker is absolutely for you.

You plan your budget projection at one table, then track your expenses at that very same table. All within one page.

Eager to hone your budgeting skill for your future self?

Real-time-calculated difference columns always show how close your actual expenses are to your projected budget.

The “Difference” feature within this Simple Finance Planner & Tracker template will let you know that “no more dining out this month” before it was too late.

As you type in your actual spending, a dedicated column will show you the gap between your total expenses to your projected budget.

Start right away with well-prepared Income & Expense default tags

If you do not want to tweak anything and use the Simple Finance Planner & Tracker template as it is, you got yourself covered.

Income and Expense tables have been complemented with a wide range of categorization tags such as Wage, Refunds, Housing, and Taxes.

Simple Finance Planner & Tracker will solve all those problems!

Imagine this:

You can forget your planned budgets. You will see it again soon anyway.

Simple Finance Planner & Tracker combines a planner and tracker with simple approach: Put two columns—a "Projected" column for planning budgets and a "Actual" column for tracking expenses—next to each other.

So everytime you are buying something, your budgets are staring at you. No way to overspend.

A combined finance planner + tracker you can use right away

No need for complex setup. It is ready to use without any 5-pages guidance or 20 minutes video on how to use it. You can start tracking your finance right away.

Plan and track right away.
Be better at your own personal finance with Simple Finance Planner & Tracker— NOW!


Who is this template made for?
Everyone! Anyone who is looking for finance planner and tracker on one page and is in need to hone their budgeting skills might found this template more useful.

Does this work with a free Notion account?
Yes! This template will work with all type of Notion account, free or premium.

Is there any setup needed for this template?
No complicated setup is needed. You might found some brief note on how to use this template and important points to watch out. Other than that, nothing else is needed.

Is there a guide for this template?
Yes! There is a guide provided within and/or alongside the template when you purchased this product. Additionally, if there are still queries, feel free to reach out to me via Twitter or Email. I will make sure to respond as soon as possible.

Can I share this template with others?
Unfortunately, no. This template is a personal-licensed product, only for individual use.

How do I reach you if I have any questions?
Reach me out via Twitter and Instagram @rfqsen or Email at

I hope you fully enjoy Simple Finance Planner & Tracker.

Congratulation and good luck on your improved productivity!

Best Regards,

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Simple Finance Planner & Tracker

15 ratings
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